The Diocese is sponsoring both a Youth and an Adult bus trip to the March For Life in Washington, D.C.

The adult group leaves January 22, 2010. For more information, go to


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      Brian H.When I was a teenager in the midswet and didn’t know any other gay people, I was BEGGING my straight friends to introduce me to other gay people they know. They would casually mention another gay person and I’d yell, WHAT? You know another gay person?! Why haven’t you told me all about him?!?! Thankfully, now that I’m in NYC, that doesn’t happen anymore.

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      christopherit so much-its really ok.explain furehtr-if you must to your grandfather.hopefully-he gets it.i know he has a hard time with this-just make him somehow realise that you and your boyfriend-yeah thats it.thats your love-thats your obsession-thats what-YOU-are comfortable with.ive a problem with my parents-and not with my has to do with my faith.although i was brought up Roman Catholic-after 2 yrs-i researched things-and joined a church that accepts me-The Lutheran Church-my Mother named a couple churches possibly attending-my response Christmas Eve was-Lord of Lutherans are Catholics-just not the Roman Catholics-im accepted-thats all that matters-it all works out in the end-hopefully.

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      As a female grad sntedut and a feminist, these numbers are highly encouraging! Women are already dominating the biosciences and arts and have cracked the sealing in the math and engineering departments. Alas, the pay scales are yet to tilt. I work for a prestigious Bio Tech/Pharma company and have been extremely discouraged by the lower pay rate for women compared to men. You

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