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“It is with great joy that I welcome you to The Presence Radio Network. The Presence Radio Network is the culmination of the prayers, hopes and aspirations of a diverse group of dedicated volunteers and organizations, who have committed their time, talents and finances for the past five years in order to bring Catholic radio to Maine. The power and guidance of the Holy Spirit, along with a great deal of prayer, hard work and persistence has borne much fruit; and our first station is now on the air. Efforts are underway to expand Catholic radio across the State of Maine through the addition of eight more radio stations in the coming months and years. Our continued success is contingent upon the support of people throughout our diocese who wish to share in our vision of bringing Catholic radio to as many locations as possible in our Diocese. We ask for your prayers, volunteer efforts and financial support for this important project. Catholic Radio has evangelized to millions all over the world, and the members of The Presence Radio Network are honored and privileged to provide Catholic programming to our community. With the confidence that God hears our prayers, we ask you to pray for us in earnest as we continue to assist in the great work of building a community of faith, dedicated to educating minds and hearts, through this Catholic Voice. We confidently entrust our work to Our Lady of Perpetual Help and the Archangel Gabriel, Patron of Radio. May they gently guide and inspire us as this great venture unfolds in accord with the unity which Christ our Lord wills.”

Yours sincerely in Christ,
Most Reverend Richard J. Malone
Bishop of Portland
(In August, 2012, Bishop Malone became the Bishop of Buffalo, New York)

Printed from Bishop Malone’s audio version of his radio introduction to The Presence Radio Network, during his time as Bishop of Maine. Bishop Malone is now the Bishop of Buffalo, New York.

Excerpts from The Blessing for
The Presence Radio Station
Auburn, Maine
September 9, 2011
By The Most Reverend Bishop Richard J. Malone

May God, who sent us his Son as the herald of salvation and  truth, be with you all.  The wisdom of God is beyond imagining and his goodness is a  boundless treasure.  He unfailingly enlightens our minds to open up new and better means of sharing with each other all kinds of news and information, our hopes and aspiration. When used responsibly, technology, especially modern means of communication like this radio station, can be of great service to the human family, to educate, to entertain, and to  evangelize with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The proper use of this radio station and all forms of communications media contributes greatly to the progress of the human family.  It is also in accord with the plan of God,  who wants all to be bound closely together in a union of truth and freedom.  In response to our prayers this day, let us proclaim God’s wonders by saying, “Blessed be God forever.”

O Lord, eternal Wisdom:  enlighten our minds and support our endeavors so that your Holy Name may be praised always and everywhere, we pray:  Blessed be God forever.

Lord, Word made flesh:  inspire all people to seek the things that we cannot see through those things that we can see and hear, we pray:  Blessed be God forever.

O Lord, unchanging Truth:  help us to share with others the  mysteries of your life, love, forgiveness, and mercy, we pray:  Blessed be God forever.

O Lord, immortal Herald:  teach us to proclaim your good news  more effectively so that your will is done on earth and your kingdom built up, we pray:  Blessed be God forever.

O Lord, divine Voice:  assist us to use wisely the gift of this radio station so that your Presence fills not only the airwaves but the hearts and minds of all, we pray:  Blessed be God  forever.

Let us pray for God’s blessing on this holy undertaking:
Lord God almighty

we humbly praise you, for through your Spirit,
you have enlightened the minds of those who
created this communication technology,
you have inflamed the hearts of those who
environed this Catholic radio network,
and you have inspired the generosity of those who
support this ministry through their time,
talent and treasure.
Look with favor on all your servants who desire
to serve you with these gifts from above.
Enable them to proclaim the truth in love,
to promote justice, goodness and peace,
and to bring hope and joy to all who hear your message.
May their efforts be blessed and bear fruit
so that all peoples may be one with Christ,
who lives and reigns with you for ever and ever.

And may the blessing of almighty God
come upon this radio station, its listeners,
and all who make this ministry possible
so that your good news may reach
every man, woman and child in Maine:
the Father, and the Son, + and the Holy Spirit.

Be Informed. Be Strengthened. Be Transformed.

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